Maximizing Patient Outcomes and Revenue with Annual Wellness Visits and HCRpath

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) offered by Medicare is a valuable yet underutilized resource for both patients and healthcare organizations. By streamlining the AWV process and increasing patient engagement, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes and generate additional revenue. In this blog post, we will explore how HCRpath can help your organization seamlessly implement better annual wellness visits and reap the benefits of this essential service.


The Importance of Annual Wellness Visits

Despite recent increases in the number of Medicare recipients taking advantage of AWVs, a JAMA study revealed that less than 20 percent of eligible patients make use of this benefit provided under the Affordable Care Act. These visits are designed to collect important health information and develop appropriate health plans for patients. By increasing the number of AWVs, healthcare organizations can enhance their population health efforts and boost revenue through federal reimbursements.


Streamlining the AWV Process with HCRpath

HCRpath can help healthcare organizations optimize their administrative operations and clinical workflows to better capture eligible Medicare patients for AWVs. By integrating HCRpath into the scheduling and appointment process, providers can easily identify eligible patients and add AWVs to their existing appointments, ensuring that no opportunities are missed.


Enhancing Patient Engagement through Digital Surveys

One of the keys to a successful AWV program is engaging patients in their own care. HCRpath facilitates this engagement by allowing patients to complete AWV surveys online ahead of their visit. This not only reduces waiting room time but also saves providers valuable time during the appointment, allowing for more meaningful conversations with patients.


Leveraging Patient Portals for Better Communication

Patient portals play a crucial role in the success of an AWV program. Encouraging patients to use the portal helps them stay informed about their care plans, complete registration questions ahead of time, and communicate with their providers without needing a formal appointment. This between-visit communication is not only convenient for patients but can also generate additional revenue, as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services now reimburse for time spent on electronic communication.


Boosting Revenue through AWV Billing

By integrating AWV billing with routine visits and other follow-up exams or screenings, healthcare organizations can significantly increase revenue from Medicare reimbursements. HCRpath streamlines the billing process, ensuring that providers receive timely and accurate payments for services rendered during AWVs.


Identifying Population Health Trends

AWVs, combined with the patient portal, allow healthcare providers to identify population health trends and more effectively treat their patients. For instance, diabetic patients who may be overdue for treatment or need reminders to adhere to their medications can receive the necessary support through the AWV program and patient portal.


Empowering Patients with HCRpath

Ultimately, the goal of an AWV program is to empower patients to take an active role in their own care. With the help of HCRpath and the patient portal, patients can enjoy more informed conversations with their doctors, appreciate the convenience of the portal, and feel more in control of their health.


Unlock the Potential of Annual Wellness Visits with HCRpath

By harnessing the power of HCRpath, healthcare organizations can maximize the benefits of Annual Wellness Visits for both patients and providers. As the healthcare landscape shifts towards value-based care, it is vital for organizations to find innovative ways to improve patient outcomes and boost revenue. Implementing a successful AWV program with HCRpath is a prime example of how to achieve these goals.

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