Currently HCRpath offers the AWV/IPPE, Hearing Forward Hearing Health Screening, CEDRA Exam and the PHQ9. CEDRA and PHQ9 are shown to patients dynamically based on answers in their AWV.

At the moment, you cannot create your own surveys in the HCRpath portal. If there is a survey you would like to see added, please reach out to us with a message at info@hcrpath.com.

No, currently you can only see when a survey is Outstanding and when it has been submitted (Ready for Review). 

If a patient is unable to complete the survey at home before their appointment, they may complete it with a member of the Organization within the HCRpath portal. Surveys are mobile friendly, so they can complete in the waiting room easily as well. 


Progress for a survey is saved even if a patient closes out of the window. 

HCRpath does not currently support connections with other EHR systems. 

HCRpath requires manual updates of survey status. This will require a member of your staff marking the survey as paid. 

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We look forward to discussing how HCR Path streamlines caregiving for physicians, healthcare providers, and patients.