HCRpath Simplifies the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

HCRpath enables providers to deliver a better patient care experience and helps integrate wellness visits into their service offerings easily and efficiently. HCRpath combines health and wellness screenings with a cross-reference of the patient’s Medicare-covered preventative appointment history.

We take the confusion and complexity out of healthcare because HCRpath is:


Cloud Based




Here's How it Works

The Annual Wellness Visit is covered by Medicare Part B

Assisted living facilities can bill Medicare for the visit if the exam was reviewed by a doctor, qualified non-physician practitioner or medical professional supervised by a physician.

HCRpath’s Impact on Healthcare Providers

Our easy to use software will save you time, consolidate your patients profile and drive reimbursement.

HCRpath’s Impact on Providers

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Save Time

Our screening tool streamlines the process, so a wellness appointment that would normally take 30 minutes can now be done faster, allowing more time to talk with patients about their healthcare needs and preventative measures.

Easy to Use

HCRpath makes it easy to administer and access the survey with our intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Continuity of Care

Full visibility into a patient’s comprehensive healthcare is at your fingertips. This makes your interaction with the patient less transactional and a more long-term, meaningful relationship.

Drives Reimbursement

HCRpath is one of the main and easiest ways to drive higher reimbursement rates across all provided services. When a qualified health technician conducts the screening, it is eligible for billing under Medicare’s Merit-Based Incentive Program. The survey tool enables the easy and efficient implementation of Medicare-billable Annual Wellness Visits.

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