HCRpath Simplifies Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

HCRpath enables patients to deliver critical health data to physicians and healthcare providers. This easy-to-use software helps streamline your wellness visits and assists your healthcare provider in delivering higher-quality preventive care services.

HCRpath combines health and wellness screenings with a cross-reference of the patient’s Medicare-covered preventive appointment history. This in-office or telehealth annual wellness visit software ensures patients receive more individualized and comprehensive services.

We take the confusion and complexity out of healthcare because HCRpath is:


No more filling out an endless, paper Medicare annual wellness visit questionnaire each time you visit your doctor.

Cloud Based

HCRpath ensures your vital information is always stored, secure, and easily accessible.


In-office and telehealth Medicare annual wellness visits become more agile thanks to digitized information.


No more filling out the same paperwork. Your height, weight, risk factors, and medical and family history are stored and accessible.


Access more comprehensive and efficient services by your healthcare providers with more reliable and automated processes.

Here's How it Works

Your Annual Wellness Visit is covered by Medicare Part B

Assisted living facilities can bill Medicare for the visit if the exam was reviewed by a doctor, qualified non-physician practitioner or medical professional supervised by a physician.

HCRpath's on Patients.

Stay Healthy

Seniors stay healthy with regularly scheduled, Medicare-covered preventative screenings.

Stay Safe

Our paperless, in-home screening option brings patients into healthcare settings only when necessary.

Live Your Best Life

Seniors benefit from continuity of care. They avoid expensive health procedures and illness because health issues are identified and addressed before they become serious problems.

HCRpath’s Impact on Patients

Patients benefit from continuity of care, access, and convenience. HCRpath makes an impact on each patient’s access to healthcare with easy access to vital information and time-saving processes. Moreover, with comprehensive health risk assessments, HCRpath helps their healthcare provider deliver more reliable preventive care services.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

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Step 3

Streamline Your Wellness Visits

Your in-office and telehealth Medicare annual wellness visits will be more efficient and effective. This results in better overall patient care and satisfaction.

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