Easy-to-Use Preventative Care Management Tool

Our Digital Wellness Screening Software connects our seniors, healthcare providers, and caregivers with the preventative care they need and expect.

HCRpath allows Medicare-covered seniors to access preventative health benefits included in their health insurance plan. This software also helps healthcare providers offer more comprehensive assessments during Medicare annual wellness visits.

Your Path to Preventative Health

HCRpath allows patients and physicians to communicate easily and thoroughly. Our platform connects patients with primary care physicians via a simple, paperless survey they can conduct and review via telehealth.

Historical Health Data

The HCRpath wellness program software allows providers to access the patient’s health issues, prescription data, and a log of past surveys. Providers receive a comprehensive snapshot of their patient’s health history via easy-to-use software. As a result, they will be better prepared for their patient’s preventive health checkup. Moreover, they will provide a higher quality and individualized preventive service.

Current State of Health

The patient’s responses to a paperless, in-home (or in-office) survey will paint a picture of their current health status. Carrying out this simple questionnaire during their patients’ wellness screening will allow providers to identify and recommend preventative care options. In turn, this care management tool will help them target small health problems before they become big ones.

Risk Assessment

HCRpath is a digital healthcare software that makes identifying health risk factors for preventable health issues easier for providers. A straightforward survey during a preventive health screening can result in longer, healthier, more independent lives for the patients.

A Convenient and Comprehensive
In-Person or Telehealth Software

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HCRpath Makes It To Get Started

If you’re on the fence, here are a few more reasons to give the HCRpath care management tool a try:

How It Works

HCRpath is a software that transforms how healthcare providers and patients access health insurance plan benefits and assess health risk factors both in-office and via telehealth. As a result, they both benefit from a more comprehensive Medicare annual wellness visit.

Healthcare Providers

Providers can easily sign up for HCRpath and fill out their patients’ health survey during their Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV). Then, they will have instant access to their patients’ at-risk health issues and health plan benefits. They will be able to schedule exams, upcoming preventive health checkups, and more.


Patients themselves or their caregivers can sign up for the HCRpath care management tool and fill out the health survey. Instantly, they will have access to the benefits included in their plan and their health risk factors. Then, they can schedule their Medicare annual wellness visits (AWV), exams, annual procedures, and more.

Senior Living Administrators

Our easy-to-use software allows senior living staff to streamline their resident’s wellness visits. This helps ensure they receive quality preventive care from their healthcare providers. Scheduled care, appointment history, current health, health risk factors, and more are easily accessible to everyone involved in a senior’s care.

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We look forward to discussing how HCR Path streamlines caregiving for physicians, healthcare providers, and patients.